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What Makes Us Unique

In this day and age there are many unscrupulous characters intent on making you a victim. Information is power and that same information is constantly compromised by fraud, identity theft and espionage, to name a few. Other agencies claim to offer the same services. 

Our services are backed with the experience, knowledge, expertise and results of thousands of field investigations. " The guilty always got caught ". We treat you like family and keep you informed all the way through the investigation. We offer a free consultation in person, by telephone or email. Don't trust your safety and security to an amateur.

About Discreet Investigative Services, LLC
Discreet Investigative Services,LLC is a licensed, bonded and insured Professional Private Investigations agency.  The principal licensee of this agency is retired from a Law Enforcement Agency having 60 + professional Investigators.  He has 35 years of hands on "Street" Law Enforcement experience [pounding the pavement vs. flying a desk]. Our staff has vast experience in Criminal Investigations, Surveillance, Witness Statement Analysis, Background/Database checks, Computer Forensics, Crime Scene Analysis,  Insurance Fraud and more. 
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Committed to helping our customers gain the information they need, discreetly
Our goal is to provide  the facts and information you need utilizing innovative technologies, tried and true methods and to provide it discreetly.  Your confidentiality will never be compromised.

Whether you are a small business, corporation or just the average guy, our services are tailored to your needs.