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What We Offer
Discreet Investigative Services, LLC Services

Criminal Investigations: Are you a victim or have you been wrongly accused 
Matrimonial Investigations: Infidelity, cheating spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner 
Covert Surveillance: Stationary, Mobile, Photographic, Video
Undercover Operations: Male / Female operatives
Communications: Computer Forensics, email, text message, sites visited
Intelligence Analysis: Analize available information on your subject(s)
Background / Database Checks: Online dating, prospective business partner, nannies
Insurance Fraud Investigations: Surveillance, photographic / video evidence
Witness Statement Analysis: Are the witness telling the truth
Sting Operations: Uncover the thief and recover stolen property
Tactical Training: Personal safety course
Personal Firearms Instruction: Safety course, firearms proficiency

For most individuals hiring a Private Investigator is unthinkable.   Just making the decision to pick up the phone can be a daunting task.   You may have many questions and very few answers.   You just don't know what to do or you have been a victim and no one wants to help you.   Don't try to do it yourself.   Let a professional get the answers you need.   At Discreet Investigative Services, LLC we can provide you with the evidence you seek, discreetly and confidentially.  Our goal is to provide you the facts and information you need utilizing innovative technologies, tried and true methods and to provide it discreetly.  Your confidentiality will never be compromised.

Whether you are a small business, corporation or just the average guy, our services are tailored to your needs.